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Wat is 'n ten volle outomatiese dieselgeneratorstel?

Tyd: 2018-03-20 Treffers: 3

Generally speaking, the switch of diesel generator set needs manual operation. However, manual operation is unavoidable when it is impossible to realize it, so an automated diesel generator set is needed to realize it. What is a fully automatic diesel generator set?

 To realize a fully automatic diesel generator set, it is necessary to add a self-starting and self-switching cabinet on the basis of the ordinary diesel generator set to achieve fully automatic, without manual operation. When the mains power fails, the diesel generator set automatically detects the signal and starts the diesel generator set within the set time. Generally, it can be started within 30 seconds, and the user can adjust it by himself.

 The above is the introduction of the fully automatic diesel generator set. It is recommended that you explain your needs to the manufacturers and sales staff when purchasing diesel generator sets, so that you can purchase a satisfactory generator set.